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Darien & Karin — Minted
Attention: RSVP by April 5th
Everyone must RSVP to the wedding no later than April 5th. If you cannot attend, please select "No" as your option. If an RSVP is not received by this date, you will not be included in the headcount!




Darien and Karin

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Our Story

Darien and Karin met on December 8th, 2017, at a Christmas Party in Nashville, TN. After meeting that night, they had their first date two days later and dated for several months. After dating for several months, they decided to take some time apart, but no matter how much time they spent apart, they always found their way back to each other.

In November 2021, while gazing at the Christmas lights at Cheekwood (can you tell Christmas is their favorite holiday?) Darien surprised Karin by proposing under the night sky. Karin said "yes" without hesitation, and the two were instantly engaged!

August 2022, Karin packed her bags and moved to California to be with her better half. Currently they live in San Diego, CA where they plan to share their life and build a family.

They're so excited to start the next phase of their lives together and can't wait to celebrate with you in June!